Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Vacation Picture Post

I was going to start doing "What I Ate Wednesday" today but I forgot to take photos after breakfast.  It still bothers me that I can't find my ring.  

Since nothing worth talking about happened today besides getting a wicked sunburn on my shoulders at the beach I'll leave you with a photo post from the trip.

Before I leave you with the photos, the prompt today is "What makes your heart leap?"  And honestly it's my family.  The people in these photos.  They "make my heart happy" (as Kai-Lan would say)

Our fridge before we left.  I used up everything that could go bad. 

Mr. Amazing and the girls in the hotel room

Mr. Amazing, Kay, Baye and me.  Mo wanted to take the picture

Pile up on daddy!

Kay and Mo being silly

 Mr. Amazing kills spiders.  He's the best spider killer I know.

 The girls under the manta in front of the aquarium

Big fish 

Glad that croc's behind glass.  It stared Baye right in the eye.


We kept joking that there would be a mermaid and low and behold there was!

 Baye and the manta

 Looks like a face doesn't it?

I want to hold my vow renewal ceremony here.  In front of this big window 


Sea dragon

Jelly fish

Isn't this beautiful?

Kay at dinner

Mo at dinner


Excellent place.  If you're ever in Clearwater, FL I highly recommend it.

Mr. Amazing with his oysters and beer.

My super grouper sandwich. I had them cook it with cajun spices and grill it.

Mr. Amazing also got wings.

Kay's burger and fruit

Baye had chicken tenders and fries

Mo's fried shrimp and fries 

We played on the playground by the Pier after dinner

She loves to climb

 Being a good big sister

The Acromaniacs 

Gorgeous sunset.  This was one of the things on my bucket list.  To see the sunset over the water.

The clouds were amazing


Me and Mr. Amazing with the sun setting behind us. 

My whole world.   

Mr. Amazing relaxing by the pool

Mo pretending to be a shark.

The breakfast at the hotel

The waterslide on the cruise ship at the Port of Tampa

Mr. Amazing and Baye playing shop

Me and Baye playing shop

I used the swings as workout equipment.  

Driving to the beach makes me go crazy!

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